The Benyamini Brothers' second feature film.

A subdued musical and road trip movie about memory, loss, and perseverance.

Filming winter of 2019 in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Old Man of the Mountain, Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Fort Gorges, Casco Bay, Maine



Talia, a young journalist recovering from the loss of her mother, is driving North to New Hampshire to interview a Republican presidential candidate on the campaign trail, then to Maine to reconnect with the man who almost became her step father. Along her way, she meets with a unique array of people who awaken Talia's ghosts, offer new perspectives, and help her pave a path towards healing.

Casting Call

Resumes and Headshots can be sent to

We are presently casting for the for the following roles:

Jefferson Wyckoff
Early 60’s, White
Assured, Self-Important, Firm Handshake.

Stern, forceful and just a bit unpolished, Jefferson Wyckoff is a veteran of three wars who has successfully made the transition into politics and is now mounting an underdog campaign for President. GOP insiders were initially skeptical of his political aspirations, but Wyckoff adapted quickly, leapfrogging career politicians who were patiently waiting their turns through sheer charisma, lack of artifice, and a global outlook which he attributes to his military service.

Relative to the average politician, Wyckoff is down-to-earth and straightforward. He looks you in the eye when he talks to you, clearly unafraid of conflict. At the same time, he is not a humorless man. He knows how to crack a joke, alleviate tension through gentle ribbing. He is alarmed by the new generation of Republicans and the apparent ease with which they dispense with tradition. He fancies himself an old-fashioned conservative, believing absolutely in the Western democratic tradition and the bedrocks of conservative thought – free enterprise, market economy, the sanctity of life and the family unit.

He has old-world values when it comes to gender roles and had periods of womanizing throughout his life. He views himself as a protector and provider, comfortable with leaving the task of emotional support and upbringing under his wife’s purview. Even so, Wyckoff cherishes his role as family man, husband to the same woman for many decades, father to two fully-grown daughters. He did not take an active role in the raising of his daughters, but his family remains his moral compass. They are really the only ones capable of softening him.


Late 20’s

Forthcoming, Offbeat, Heart on Sleeve

Brandy comes from a small town and always had big city hopes.
She’s worldly, ambitious, and an all-around dreamer. She's a sensitive soul and a nature lover. She presently works at a local massage studio where she is able to give clients relief through her skill and understanding of the human body.

In her early days at the studio, a woman named Eleanor was her mentor figure. Eleanor took Brandy under her wing and the two became friends. Recently, Eleanor disappeared under mysterious circumstances. All of this makes Brandy feel frustrated, on edge and even more of an outsider in her small town. She wonders if all human connections are destined to be transient.

The role requires singing.



Albie Dunbar

Late 50’s
Slouched, Blue-Collar, Insistent

An embittered, emotionally-stunted man who has suffered many defeats along the way. He is a rather disengaged father to Eleanor, a young woman who has recently gone missing under strange circumstances. Dunbar cultivates many self-destructive habits. His outbursts of anger as well as his penchant for drinking and gambling help ensure people, even those dear to him, are kept at a distance.

He is not a man of pretense, honest in his assessments of himself and others. He does not like himself especially, nor does he presume to be something that he’s not. He doesn’t consider himself a good father, but he doesn’t believe himself to be a bad one, either. Over the years, he has developed his own idea of justice, generally believing that the well-to-do get away with murder. He cares for and is invested in his daughter’s well-being. Prone to self-pity and the occasional incoherent harangue, Dunbar is determined to find out what happened to his daughter and bring the people responsible to account.

Maya Brin

Deceased (50’s), White

Charismatic, Warm, Gone

The film opens on the one-year anniversary of Maya’s death. She appears throughout the film through memories and apparitions. Her absence is the chief factor informing the protagonist’s emotional journey.

Deeply loved by many, Maya was a renaissance woman - an adept painter, writer, curator, designer, and activist. She hoped to live to see an independent Quebec. Maya would leave a lasting mark on family, friends, and strangers alike. She lost her husband and father of her child unexpectedly when her daughter, Talia, was but an infant and so, raised her as a single mother. In the early goings, Maya dedicated most of her time and energy to her daughter’s upbringing. Once she saw Talia was on her own path, she allowed herself more time to cultivate her own passions - professional, artistic, and eventually, romantic.
In this way, she met Jay, a strong man with both feet on the ground who was her partner during her final years.  Maya was diagnosed with cancer and perished a short year thereafter. She left a big hole in the hearts of Talia and Jay who now must find a path forward.