Right of Way


The first feature film by The Benyamini Brothers

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Paths converge and diverge on a day in the city.

Ten New Yorkers, and many of their neighbors, go about yet another day.

Malik spends an early morning shirtless in front of the camera and an afternoon suited up for a real estate job. His passion is with his artistic craft but he is often reminded that to remain viable in the city, compromises abound. Ray, a man of tremendous business accomplishment and recent marital failure, is having a bit of strange day. He takes a hard meeting in his apartment in the clouds, then cancels the rest of his day and follows a sudden urge to go see a Baseball game. Kenny is an outer-borough man by zipcode and spirit; a native of the Bronx without any real means or opportunity, he paves his own way in the city. News producer Justine invests her every ounce of energy into her work. She talks a reticent old friend into a television appearance, then can only watch from behind the scenes.

Jazz musician Stan is preparing for a nocturnal gig at a local club. But his propensity to be open and vulnerable to others can also burn. Jordana gravitates to the comfort and freedom in anonymity. But a series of unfortunate circumstances sends her outside her insular bubble. Bookish Harper adjusts to her new Brooklyn surrounding. There is much excitement but also great uncertainty in understanding exactly how she fits in her new environment. Slavko’s an immigrant in a foreign land. Away from his family, he is without language or much joy, but with an old-world sense of purpose and perseverance. Jacob occupies a different plane altogether. His living is made with his ears, and it is through them that he experiences the wavelengths of city life.

Even Mona, in town visiting, expects a quiet family reunion, but is quickly thrust into the diverse local crowd that changes her plans and sucks her into the strange, exciting, and unique experience that is New York.

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Official Selection;
41st Montreal World Film Festival